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System Configuration for Recruiting

After you've created an Org Level for Occupational Groups and UDFs for recruiting, you need to select them on the System Configuration window of the Administration menu so they are available in Quadrant Self Service.

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To make system configuration selections for recruiting

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To make system configuration selections for recruiting
  1. Open Quadrant.
  2. Open the Administration menu, and then the System Configuration window.
  3. Select Web Applicant Module from the Type list box.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click in the value field beside the Filter 1, 2, and 3 Org Level fields and select the values that you want to appear as filter criteria boxes on the Job Postings page in Quadrant Self Service.

    Note! The values you choose for the Filter 1, 2, and 3 Org Level fields must also be select on the Rpt Config – Org Level screen, as shown in the following example. However, the Org Level numbers do not have to match. For example, if Department is selected for the Filter 1 Org Level detail for the Web Applicant Module, it's not necessary to select Department for the Org Level 1 detail for the Rpt Config – Org Level type.

    system config - rpt config org lvl and web app mod with arrows2

  6. Click in the value field beside the Source for Occupation Data detail and select the Occupational Grouping Org Level.
    If an Occupational Grouping Org Level does not already exist in your system, you have to create one. For instructions, see Creating an Organizational Level for Recruiting.

  7. Select a UDF for the Skills detail.
    This could be an Org Detail type UDF that uses Web Education and Web Skills lookup type attributes. For instructions on setting up a Skills and Education UDF, see Skills and Education UDF.
  8. Select your Earmark UDF from the Earmark HR Folder Attribute list box.
  9. Select the applicant question UDFs that you want to use on the Web for the Applicant Questionnaire details. The questionnaires are used to build an applicant profile. Each questionnaire that you specify on the System Configuration menu becomes a page on Quadrant Self Service.
  10. Select the UDF Attribute that is used for earmark comments from the Earmark Tooltip Attribute list box.
    When this feature is selected, applicant earmarks appear on the Manage Applicants page when hovered over. When configuring an Earmark UDF, you added two attributes, one of which was for Earmark Comments. That's the attribute that you need to select here.
  11. Select values for the other details that you would like to use for Web based recruiting.
  12. Click Save.